Photography Workshop

Film-making Workshop


Foundation Course


Coming up in June, 2015 (Weekends)

at Electronic City

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We want you to enjoy the art of  photography and the capture those moments which you think is unique.  Instead of getting you to memorize scary terms like aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, we prefer to show through live demonstrations and examples so you can grasp the technical aspects and understand how and when to use them.


To help you get acquainted with your camera quickly, We recommend you to bring your camera or borrow one from your friends. Also, we can help you hire one for the day of Practicals.


Course Outline:


Session 1:


  • Introduction to Photography
  • Understanding your Camera
  • Understanding exposure, quality and quantity of light
  • Importance of the capturing the Moment
  • What is the story behind your picture
  • Review of select pictures


Session 2:


  • Understanding the Exposure Triangle
  • Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO – their relationships
  • Students – handling and understanding a DSLR


Session 3:


  • Camera Angles & types of shots
  • The rules of framing / Composition
  • The rule of thirds
  • Demonstration and Students practical – 1
  • Review of Students work


Session 4:


  • Understanding low light photography
  • Understanding Depth of field
  • Understanding lenses
  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Demonstration and Students Practicals - 2
  • Review of Students work


Session 5 : (Advanced)


  • Soft light / Hard light
  • Creative Lighting with available source
  • How do you tell a story through pictures?
  • Different Kinds of Photography
  • Students to choose their interest
  • Students Practicals – 3 (based on their Interest)
  • Review of Students work


Session 6 : (Advanced)


  • Outdoor Candid shoot or Studio setting shoot
  • Practicals - 4


Session 7 : (Advanced)


  • Reviews of students work
  • Introduction to Night photography
  • Practical – 5 (Night Photography)


Session 8 :


  • Review of Student work
  • Final Review


By the end of this workshop, you’ll be comfortable handling your camera and be able to take good quality pictures with your creativity imprinted on it.

Learn the art of Film-making

Scripting / Camera / Editing / Direction


Starting from July, 2015 (3 months)

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The film-making workshop seeks to provide creative and technical skills in the development and production of digital films. The program seeks to give the students insight and understanding of the process of film-making, outlining the evolution of the idea to the development of the script and production of the film. The workshop is an intensive overview of most aspects of digital film production and you will be guided by experienced faculty during your time and beyond.


The course scope includes film grammar, script writing, the production process, and the art of editing. Students will create a short film and the workshop will be completed with a review of their work.



Course Outline:



Module 1:  (Introduction to film-making and basics of Scriptwriting)

Time Duration: 1 month


  • Introduction to Film-making – An overview of the Film Industry
  • Basics Film language
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Genre's of Film-making
  • Introduction to the pre-production, production, post-production
  • The art of story-telling
  • Plot, conflict and resolution
  • Research
  • Film grammar of Scriptwriting
  • Idea, Synopsis and script
  • Write your own script for a scene


Module 2:  (Introduction to Camera and lighting)

Time Duration: 1 month


  • Basics of handling a DSLR video camera
  • Types of shots
  • Compositions and rule of third
  • Camera exercise – Pan, Zoom, Tilt, rack focus etc...
  • Communicating through the camera
  • Continuity
  • Line of action (180 degree rule)
  • Camera exercise – for three people (180 degree rule)
  • Introduction to lighting
  • Three point lighting
  • Lighting exercise – Three point lighting for Interview / News anchoring


Module 3:  (Introduction to Editing and direction)

Time Duration: 1 month


  • Basic acting skills
  • Acting exercise
  • Introduction to Film editing
  • Principals of editing
  • Styles of Editing
  • Using cutaways
  • Introduction to Direction
  • Screen language
  • Direction for single news camera production
  • Production of a News programs
  • Editing a News program
  • Continuity exercise for editing and directing
  • Mis-en-scene exercise



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