Revelation bay is a production house that is dedicated to making films on various issues affecting our society today. Our objective is to tell stories from perspectives that generally tend to elude the sight and thoughts of common man.


The Team:

Peter Christopher


Peter Christopher, founder, Revelation Bay Productions, is a graduate of Asian Academy of Film and Television, Delhi. He is vastly experienced in Film-making and has made several documentaries, short films, and TV segments. He has traveled across India for shoots on social issues. His passion is to make movies that seek to positively impact the Indian society.

Praveen Chrispugg


Praveen Chrispugg is the founder of Idea-Heavens and a British Chevening Scholar, 2003-04. Passionate about art and animation, his creative journey took him to Birmingham where he pursued his MA (Animation) at the prestigious BCU and passed out with distinction. Following this, he developed a wide range of short films that have been awarded and screened in various International Film Festivals. Further details on him could be found in

Vasantha Peter


Vasantha Peter, an engineer by profession, worked in Wipro for two years before venturing into social work. She has worked with Project Rescue and other organizations countering human-trafficking and sexual abuse. She has conducted several workshops on human-trafficking and is also an avid artist.

Statement of Existence:

The objective of Revelation Bay Productions is to produce aesthetically satisfying films that captures the various concerns of life juxtaposing observations from daily life against themes spread across justice, human behavior, environmental issues, ethics, metaphysics etc. The purpose of our films would be to tell stories from unseen perspectives allowing our audience to have a fresh revelation of truth.


What we offer:

Production house:

Do you have a story to tell? Do you need a film to promote your cause? Does your organization have films to be made? We offer our services from pre-production to post-production. You can see our work to get an idea of the various genres of films we make.  For animation please visit


We provide Media consultation for organizations, institutions, and visual communication departments in colleges/institutions. We also do workshops for schools and colleges. If you have a need, for your organization please call or email us.


Do you feel you have had no opportunity to learn? Or do you think your college education was just theory, with no practicals? Whatever it be if you have a desire to learn the art of filmmaking, contact us. We offer a 10-day film-making workshop for beginners. If you wish to continue you can enroll for the six month Certificate course on film-making in which you will be trained in Camera, Editing and Direction. Along with this you will also be provided with the opportunity to make several films during this period.


We provide a platform for people to collaborate, and build trust through friendships.  We are here to help you on projects and guide you as students. We encourage you to join the 10-day workshop to get an overview of different processes involved in Film-making. If you have enrolled for the six-month certificate course on film-making, you will have the opportunity to work with several people on projects with support from us. If you have a desire to act in short films, or have ideas you want to execute please feel free to contact us.



Phone: +91 9886386862

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